Differentiate your brand with Emotional Marketing

We all know the difference a strong brand can make. Not only does it form a lasting bond with existing customers, but it also creates a point of difference to engage and attract new ones.

In today’s hyper-connected world, where we are bombarded with brands vying for attention, it is no longer enough to purely say ‘what’ you are. This may appeal to the rational, left side of the brain, but we also seek to ignite the right side of the brain by clearly communicating your ‘why’ -immediately elevating and differentiating your brand and making that all important emotional connection.

Employing our unique and interactive Emotional Marketing workshops, we get to the heart of your brand and discover your ‘why’, identifying how this connects to your customers’ needs, motivations and requirements at a deeply human level.

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Sounds Good

I was impressed with the agency’s ability in helping us develop and deliver a clear message to the marketplace around the Cegos complete learning solution. Deploying their innovative Emotional Marketing methodology, Kite provided us new market and customer insights which helped shape and crystallise our brand and messaging.

Cegos UK - Managing Director

We build brands

We are skilled in shaping and bringing your brand to life, so that it has clear standout and resonates with your target audience. We trigger those essential positive emotions, which inspire them to act and ultimately buy and do business with you.

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We grow brands

Our mission is to supercharge your brand with emotionally charged websites, campaigns and experiences. These will deliver deeper customer and employee engagement across all touch points, giving you increased market traction and brand voice.

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