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Your Emotional Marketing Workshop is an interactive, hands-on session where you and your team will learn about the power of Emotional Marketing. And how you can stimulate your brand to connect with your target audience from both an emotional and rational perspective. 

The workshops are specifically tailored for you and Kite to gain clarity and fresh, valuable insights. By making this journey together we will ensure we have genuine alignment, combined with robust and joined-up thinking from the very outset.


Employing our unique and interactive Emotional Marketing Workshops, we characterise and build a clear picture of your brand, including getting to the very heart of your why’, not just your ‘what’. 

You will also jump into your customers’ shoes and, working with the emotional drivers, understand how your brand connects with your customers’ needs, motivations and requirements at a deeply emotional and human level. 

You and your team will come away fully energised and emotionally charged with fresh insights about how emotions can be revealed and harnessed to power and catapult your brand.

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Kite is a new breed of agency, specialising in Emotional Marketing

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