Grab your audience with Emotional Marketing

People ‘engage’ and ‘buy’ based on emotion, not just rational thought. Our Emotional Marketing acts as a lightning rod, inspiring your target audience to act and engage.

We get under the skin of your brand and marketplace, and are skilled at tapping into your target audience. We get into the psyche of your customers’ buying behaviour to understand what makes them tick.

Armed with these insights, and using our creativity, emotional intelligence and a range of techniques we will power your brand and create emotion-tugging campaigns and experiences. These hit your audience’s hot buttons – inspiring them to engage and buy. And you benefit from them being loyal customers and strong brand advocates.

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Sounds Good

Bryan spent hours patiently listening to my vision and concept of Visually Explained and translated my words and thoughts into a compelling brand positioning, brand narrative and new website design. Thank you very much for bringing the VE brand to life in an inspiring and compelling way, and differentiating us from our competitors.

Visually Explained - Managing Director

We create brands

Working closely with you, we’ll articulate your vision, proposition, brand story and messaging, We leave no stone unturned to ensure your brand is fully aligned with your internal and external audience.

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We build brands

We are skilled in shaping and bringing your brand to life, so that it has clear standout and resonates with your target audience. We trigger those essential positive emotions, which inspire them to act and ultimately buy and do business with you.

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